Terms and Conditions

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  • 1. The term ‘membership’ refers to one of the annual or monthly passes offered by Enable Leisure and Sport.
  • 2. Each membership entitles the card holder to different privileges and will determine what price you are charged or what activities are available to book.
  • 3. Members can book certain activities, with the appropriate membership, up to 7 days in advance.
  • 4. Online bookings will only be confirmed when the payment is made.
  • 5. All bookings made online are non-refundable. If the facility must cancel your booking you will be informed by telephone and a refund issued. Please ensure we have the correct details for you.


  • 6. A court can only be booked on the hour for up to 2 hours on a day.
  • 7. Members must report to reception with your membership card and confirmation email.
  • 8. Your membership card is non-transferable and can only be used by the person registered.
  • 9. If you are going to be late you must inform the facility as early as possible. A court will only be held for the first 10 minutes of the start time. After this time, it can be resold.
  • 10. If you make 2 bookings in 1 day and fail to turn up to the first you will forfeit the second. No refund will be given.
  • 11. In the event of adverse weather conditions affecting play, a credit will be issued if less than half an hour has been played.
  • 12. A credit must be used within that month.


  • 13. All-inclusive members have unlimited access to all studio classes and MUST book before attending any classes.
  • 14. To cancel a class you must notify the centre a minimum of 1 hour prior to the class commencing.
  • 15. Failing to cancel a class will be deemed a non attendance. If you fail to cancel a class on time on three separate occasions, you will be charged a fee and not allowed to book until payment has been cleared.
  • 16. Members must report to reception prior to call to obtain a ticket.
  • 17. Tickets must be handed to the instructor of the class.
  • 18. Places on all studio classes are limited and are taken on the first comes first serve basis.
  • 19. Late entry to any studio classes may result in the refusal of admission by the instructor.
  • 20. If any classes are cancelled or changed you will be notified.
  • 21. Enable Leisure & Sport retains the right to refuse a customer entry to any class or activity
  • 22. If you lose your membership card you must replace it at a charge of £5


  • 23. Each Facility will have its own code of conduct that users must abide to. Please familiarise yourself with these (found on www.enablelc.org/els and each facility is listed)
  • 24. For further information on opening and closing times, services we offer visit www.enablelc.org/els